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Aspacip(Fatty acid transporter with tricholine citrate and herbal extracts )


Each 100 ml contains

Fatty acid transporter  1000 mg.      Tricholine citrate           3500 mg.

Silymarin                    700 mg.       Green tea ext.                 100 mg.

Dandelion ext.             150 mg.        Aleo vera                       200 mg.

Berberine                    250 mg.       Valeriana                       250 mg.

Artichoke thist             300 mg.       Tinospora cordifolia         300 mg.

Tecomella undulata      400 mg.       Vitis vinifera                    180 mg.

Eclipta prostrata          250 mg.       Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12     100 mg each


Fatty liver and Hepatitis

Liver injury due to parasitism

Drug induced hepatotoxicity

Stimulate appetite

Environmental stress and change in feed



Cow/Buffalo/Horse/Camel:-50-100 ml. per day.

Sheep/Goat:-20-30 ml. once a day.

Piglets:-5-10 ml. per piglet per day post weaning.

               15- 20 ml. for fattening pigs once a day.

Sows:    40-50 ml./sow/day during normal conditions.

              50-60 ml./sow/day 2 weeks prior farrowing

              And 3-4 weeks post farrowing.

Puppies: – 5 ml. twice a day.

Dogs: – 10 ml. twice a day.

Cats: – 2.5 ml. twice a day.

Pet birds: – 10-15 ml. /100 birds.

Or as directed by the veterinarian.

Presentation:- 250 ml., 500 ml. & 1 liter 

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