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Each ml. contains

Enrofloxacin              IP      100 mg

Benzyl Alcohol           IP      20 mg


Enocip  is recommended for the treatment of diseases caused by gram positive, gram negative as well as mycoplasma species.

Pneumonia/ Bronchopneumonia

Haemorrhagic Septicaemia


Metritis/ Endometritis

Cystitis/ Nephritis

Gastro-Intestinal Infections

Mycoplasma Infections


Ruminants/ pigs: 3 ml per 40 kg of body wt. or 7.5 mg. per kg. Body wt. Single application.

The second application should be administered after 72 hrs only if required.

Sheep & Goat: 1.5 ml per 20 kg. Of body wt. or 7.5 mg. per kg. Body wt. Single application.


Administered dose should not exceed

15 ml at a single site in cattle, buffalo & camels

5 ml at a single site in sheep, goat & pigs

For IV/IM or SC injection use.

Withdrawal period (After last administration)

Milk: 84 Hrs.

Meat: 14 Days

Presentation- 30.ml & 100 ml.



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