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Lymphocare Liquid

                              Liquid Iron tonic


Anar, Anjeer, Amla, Ashwagandha, 

Drakhsa, Punernava, Shatavar, 

Aloe vera, Vidari Kand, Soyabeen,

Giloy, Makoy, Haritki, Pitpapra, Gulab, 

Kasis, Bhringraj, Arjun, Baheda, Haldi, 

Jamun, Strawberry, Babul phali, Tulsi, 

Brahmi, Gokhru, Nagarmotha, Alsi, 

Methi, Liver Extract, Ferrous Gluconate, 

Anantmool & Noni


Helps in the quick formation of haemoglobin

Purify the blood and increases the blood circulation

Prevents anemia

Improve F.C.R egg production & weight gain

Prevents viral diseases (CAV/CIA)

Improves immune system


10-20 ml/100 birds daily in drinking water


1 Ltr., 5 Ltr. and  30 Ltr.

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