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Anti diarroheal liquid supplement


Punica granatum.

Aegle marmelos

Tinospora cordifolia

Cyperus rotundus 

 Acacia catechu

 Holarrhena Antidysenteric  

 Salmalia malabarica 

Berberis Aristata 

Calotropis procera

Helicteres isora

Allium sativum

Woodfordia fruticosa


Compacts the watery stool

Acts as antacid & prevents dehydration

Maintains body pH

Supports the growth of microflora

Prevention of coccidiosis and enteritis

Recommended usage:

500ml -1 ltr per 1000 ltr of drinking water

Or as directed by the veterinarian 

Presentation:-1 ltr., 5 ltr  & 30ltr.





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