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Liquid Respiratory Stimulants


Ocimum sanctum

Adhatola vasica 

Solanumx anthocarpum 

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Curcuma zedoaria rhizomem 

Albizzia lebbeck

Vitex negundo

Terminalia beleric pericarp 

Piper nigrum

Foeniculum vulgare

Black cardamom

Syzygium aromaticum

Phyllanthus emblica 

Rock salt & Black salt.


Protection against respiratory diseases

Keeps breathing tract free from mucous, soothes the respiratory tract, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, immuno-stimulatory, anti-stress

Promotes growth, weight gain & prevents CRD

To improve the rate of recovery and reduce the cost of treatment


Chicks: 5 ml / 100 birds

Growers & Layers: 10 ml / 100 birds

Broilers: 15 ml / 100 birds

Direction to use in water

Add 1 litre Asthrin in each 1000 litres of drinking water regularly for prevention

Add 2-3 litre Asthrin in each 1000 litres of drinking water for control/cure

Presentation: 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr. and 30 Ltr.

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