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Sensocool Duro


Each 1 grm contains      

Sodium chloride                                 20 mg.

Potassium chloride                             100 mg.

Sodium bicarbonate                           75 mg.

Sodium acid phosphate                      20 mg.

Sodium citrate                                   125 mg.

Calcium lactate                                  25 mg.

Magnesium sulphate                           25 mg.

Ascorbic acid                                     25 mg.     

Lactobacillus spores & Dextrose           q.s


Maintains the electrolyte balance

Helps in overcoming stress due to heat

Acts as an adjuvant and supportive therapy during antibiotic treatment

An ideal immunity booster

Prevents dehydration

Helps in rapid recovery of diarrohea

Relive transportation and vaccination stress

Increase performance and production





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