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Pathocal-k (feed supplement for milking animals)

Composition (Per 1000 ml.):

Calcium             17000 mg

Phosphorus        8500 mg

Vitamin D3        80000 I.U.

Vitamin B12        1500 mcg

Vitamin H          20 mg.

Zinc                   3200 mg.

Copper              1500 mg.

Manganese        130 mg

Carbohydrate     280000 mg.


Helps in:

Improving milk yield

Maintaining good health

Strengthening udder defense system

Bone development

Good health & optimum performance 


For large animals:  50ml. twice a day.

For small animals: 30 ml. twice a day.

For cattle feed: 1000 ml. of Pathocal-k in 50 kg. Of cattle feed.

Or as directed by the nutritionist or veterinarian


1ltr., 2ltr. & 5ltr.  



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